Prof. Dr. Christian Lehmann (Professor emeritus of general and comparative linguistics)

- is the project director
- sets the guidelines for the language documentation, the dictionary and the archive

Ilka Wild (PhD candidate)

- is responsible for planning and conducting the fieldwork in Taiwan
- documents the fieldwork sessions, including audio- and video-recording, archiving
- transcribes the Kanakanavu expressions, including glossing and translation
- translates from Kanakanavu and/or Chinese into English
- analizes the grammatical phenomena togther with Christian Lehmann

- website

Mei-Zhen Spiegelberg (B.A.)

-helps with archiving and transcriptions
-translates from Chinese into English

Jing-Yi Lin (B.A.)

- conducts fieldwork together with Ilka Wild
-helps with archiving and recording
-translates from Chinese into English

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