Mo'o 2013 Narration 3

Table abbrevations:†

PT= phonetic transcription

NR= normalized representation†

GE= gloss English

FTE= free translation English

FTC= free translation Chinese

This narration was recorded by Ilka Wild in collaboration with Elizabeth Zeitoun in March 2013 in Namasia village. The speaker is Mo'o Kangena. He produced this text during a fieldwork session while the team was woring on a word list with him.†

For details regarding the revision/ reediting of the text please refer to†‚Language Documentation‘.

2013 Moo Narr3

Mo'o Narration 3/2013

rf 2013_Moo_N3_01
PT makanan
NR makanan
GE do.what
FTE What to do?

rf 2013_Moo_N3_02
PT ne:n nikamanʉŋu su maolin
NR neen ni-kamanʉngu su maolin
GE what RSLTV-do 2SG.U Maolin
FTE What did you do in Maolin?

rf 2013_Moo_N3_03
PT nen nikamanʉŋu su mukusa maolin
NR nen ni-kamanʉngu su mukusa maolin
GE what RSLTV-do 2SG.U go.toward Maolin
FTE Why did you go to Maolin?

rf 2013_Moo_N3_04
PT nimukusa ku ʔinia matatsuvutsuvuŋ
NR ni-mukusa ku 'inia matacuvucuvung
GE RSLTV-go.toward 1SG.A 3.U assamble
FTE I went there to hold a meeting.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_05
PT kaʔan ku
NR ka'an ku
FTE I don't want.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_06
PT tatʃini ma:mia
NR tacini maamia
GE one(person) just
FTE Only one person.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_07
PT tassa ma:mia
NR tassa maamia
GE two(person) just
FTE Only two people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_08
PT tatuɾu ma:mia
NR taturu maamia
GE three(person) just
FTE Only three people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_09
PT sasʉpatʉ ma:mia
NR sasʉpatʉ maamia
GE four(person) just
FTE Only four people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_10
PT ɾaɾima ma:mia
NR rarima maamia
GE five(person) just
FTE Only five people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_11
PT nanumu ma:mia
NR nanumu maamia
GE six(person) just
FTE Only six people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_12
PT papitu ma:mia
NR papitu maamia
GE seven(person) just
FTE Only seven people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_13
PT ɾaɾaɾu ma:mia
NR rararu maamia
GE eight(person) just
FTE Only eight people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_14
PT sasia ma:mia
NR sasia maamia
GE nine(person) just
FTE Only nine people.

rf 2013_Moo_N3_15
PT mama:nu ma:mia
NR mamaanu maamia
GE ten(person) just
FTE Only ten people.

Copyright: Ilka Wild 2013