Pa'icu 2014 Narration 1

Table abbrevations

PT= phonetic transcription

NR= normalized representation†

GE= gloss English

FTE= free translation English

FTC= free translation Chinese

This narration was recorded by Ilka Wild in collaboration with Elizabeth Zeitoun in March 2014 in Namasia village. The speaker is Pa’icu Kangena. She produced this text when she was asked about activities going on in the region.†

For details regarding the revision/ reediting of the text please refer to†‚Language Documentation‘.

Pa'icu 2014 story 1

Narration 1/2014

rf Pa'icu_14_01_01
NR ni-mukusa kim na gaozhong
GE RSLTV-go.toward CLIT:1PE:AV LOC gaozhong
FTE We went to Gaozhong.

rf Pa'icu_14_01_02
NR pukari kimia sua na'arua pukari sua tia ivata misei
GE speak 1PE.U RP Saaroa speak RP come RPRT
FTE We talked to the Saaroa people, they said they will come.(The Sa'aroa people told us to come)(They said: you guys come)

rf Pa'icu_14_01_03
NR c<um>ʉʉra nguain tamna sikaisiisi
GE see (AV) DEM who(?) sikaisiisi (ritual)
FTE To see them holding their ritual.

rf Pa'icu_14_01_04
NR (sikaisiisi) makasua ci kim mukusa inia
GE (sikaisiisi) DM COS CLIT:1PE:AV go.toward 3.U
FTE And then we go to to them

rf Pa'icu_14_01_05
NR matipa inia sikaisiisi s<um>asima'ʉ mustatuun kim inia
GE attend 3.U sikaisiisi(ritual) play (AV) dance (AV) CLIT:1PE:AV 3.U
FTE to attend their ritual, to play and dance with them (with each other?)

rf Pa'icu_14_01_06
NR kacaua sua ni-vatu inia cau
GE many RP RSLTV-come 3.U people
FTE There were many people who came.

rf Pa'icu_14_01_07
NR ni-mu(ku)sa inia matipa s<um>asima'ʉ mata paaracani
GE RSLTV-go.toward 3.U attend (AV) play (AV) with sing
FTE (They) went to them to take part in playing and dancing.

Copyright: Ilka Wild 2013