Mo'o 2014 Story 2

Tabel abbrevations:

PT= phonetic transcription

NR= normalized representation†

GE= gloss English

FTE= free translation English

FTC= free translation Chinese

This story was recorded by Ilka Wild in collaboration with Elizabeth Zeitoun in March 2014 in Namasia village. The speaker is Mo'o Kangena. He produced this text when the†researchers asked him to tell an original story he knows. There is stil a lack of clarity (in text meaning, consistence and structure), however we want to present this story here as well.

For details regarding the revision/ reediting of the text please refer to†‚Language Documentation‘.

2014 Moo Story 2

Mo'o Story 2/2014

rf 2014_Moo_02_01
PT una kan kanakanavu miena maɾatso:tsa mata utsaŋin
NR 'una kan kanakanavu miena maracoocua mata ucang-in
GE EXIST QUOT Kanakanavu long.ago two.people.walk with spouse-POSS:3
FTE Long time ago there was a Kanakanavu, walking two together with his spouse.

rf 2014_Moo_02_02
PT maɾatso: tsu kan mata utsaŋin
NR maracoocu kan mata ucang-in
GE two.people.walk QUOT with spouse-POSS:3
FTE He was walking two together with his spouse.

rf 2014_Moo_02_03
PT pakasi:n kan saɾonei nanakʉ
NR pakasi-in kan saronei nanakʉ
GE say-3 QUOT male woman
FTE The woman was told by her husband:

rf 2014_Moo_02_04
PT mupaɾa pa mapʉn vʉʔʉ misei kan
NR mupara pa mapʉn vʉ'ʉ misei kan
GE climb (AV) please pluck tangerine RPRT QUOT
FTE "Climb up and pluck the tangerine!" , he said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_05
PT mupaɾa kan sua utsaŋin
NR mupara kan sua ucang-in
GE climb(AV) QUOT RP spouse-POSS:3
FTE The wife climbed up.

rf 2014_Moo_02_06
PT umaɾa kan umapʉn vʉʔʉ mataʔunai makai kan saɾonei
NR um-ara kan um-apʉn vʉ'ʉ mata'ʉnei makai kan saronei
GE AV-take QUOT AV-pluck tangerine come.down like QUOT male
FTE She plucked and took the tangerine and came down and the man said:

rf 2014_Moo_02_07
PT kaʔan pa mustampʉ
NR ka'an pa mustanpʉ
GE NEG CONT enough
FTE "This is still not enough!"

rf 2014_Moo_02_08
PT maɾa pa misei kan
NR m-ara pa misei kan
GE AV-take please RPRT QUOT
FTE "Take again (Take another one)!" he said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_09
PT makaʔʉna kan utsaŋin mupaɾa umaɾa ma:pʉn mataʔʉnei
NR maka'ʉna kan ucang-in mupara um-ara mapʉn mata'ʉnei
GE repeat(AV) QUOT spouse-POSS:3 climb AV-take pluck come.down
FTE His wife went up again to pluck and took it and came down.

rf 2014_Moo_02_10
PT tsuɾei kan saɾonei sua vouʔʉ
NR cʉr-ei kan saronei sua vʉ'ʉ
GE see-UV2 QUOT male RP tangerine
FTE The man saw the tangerines.

rf 2014_Moo_02_11
PT ah kaʔan pa mustampʉ mi kan
NR ah ka'an pa mustanpʉ misei kan
FTE "It's still not enough!" he said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_12
PT mu:paɾa pa kan sua utsaŋin ma:pʉn
NR mupara pa kan sua ucang-in mapʉn
GE climb CONT QUOT RP spouse-POSS:3 pluck
FTE His wife climbed still to pluck.

rf 2014_Moo_02_13
PT makasua tsu makai kan saɾonei
NR makasua cu makai(makari?) kan saronei
GE DM COS like QUOT male
FTE And then the man said:

rf 2014_Moo_02_14
PT ah nanakʉ numanei tsu tia i:ku mapʉn misei kan
NR ah nanakʉ numanei cu tia iiku mapʉn misei kan
GE ah woman don' COS 1SG.A pluck RPRT QUOT
FTE Ah, woman, don't do it, I will go myself and pluck!" he said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_15
PT mupaɾa kan sua saɾonei
NR mupara kan sua saronei
GE climb QUOT RP male
FTE The man climbed up.

rf 2014_Moo_02_16
PT mupaɾa kan tia ma:pʉn matapaɾi kan sua saɾonei
NR mupara kan tia mapʉn matapari'i kan sua saronei
GE climb QUOT pluck drop QUOT RP male
FTE He climed wanting to pluck, but he fell down.

rf 2014_Moo_02_17
PT (ni-)mustakuvu ʔʉnʉnei niɾa:ka
NR ni-mustakuvu 'ʉnʉnei ni-araka
GE RSLTV-come.down earth RSLTV-become.bad
FTE He fell down to earth and died.

rf 2014_Moo_02_18
PT makasi kan utsaŋin
NR makasi kan ucang-in
GE like.this QUOT spouse-POSS:3
FTE His wife said to her husband.

rf 2014_Moo_02_19
PT ah tia pokaɾin ma:nu apatsʉɾa inia misei kan
NR ah tia pokarin manu apa-cʉ'ʉra inia misei kan
GE ah speak child CAUS-see 3.U RPRT QUOT
FTE "I will tell the child to see its dad" she said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_20
PT pukaɾi(n) kan inia manuin
NR pukari-in kan inia manu-in
GE speak-3 QUOT 3.U child-POSS:3
FTE She spoke to the kid.

rf 2014_Moo_02_21
PT ivatu kan manuin tsʉmʉɾa inia
NR ivatu kan manu-in c<ʉm>ʉra inia
GE come QUOT child-POSS:3 see<AV> 3.U
FTE Her child came to see him.

rf 2014_Moo_02_22
PT ah tsuma mise:n kasu nimatʃuin(?) misei kan
NR ah cuma miseen kasu ni-macei-in(?) misei kan
GE ah father?uncle? why 2SG.A RSLTV-die RPRT QUOT
FTE "Ah father, why did you die?" it said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_23
PT makasua tsu manuin
NR makasua cu manu-in
GE DM COS child-POSS:3
FTE His child accepted it.

rf 2014_Moo_02_24
PT aɾivitʃi kan inia
NR arivic-ei kan inia
GE take.with-UV2 QUOT 3.U
FTE The child took the father/ It took him.

rf 2014_Moo_02_25
PT maka:si kan tsatsa:n
NR makaasi kan cacaan
GE towards QUOT road
FTE It went on the street.

rf 2014_Moo_02_26
PT maka:si kan tsatsa:n maka:si kan manuin
NR makaasi kan cacaan makaasi kan manu-in
GE towards QUOT road towards QUOT child-POSS:3
FTE It went on the street, his child said:

rf 2014_Moo_02_27
PT atsuɾo: tsumaku misei kan
NR cʉr-oo cu(ma) maku misei kan
FTE "Look at my father!" it said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_28
PT tsumusu mi kan
NR cuma maku misei kan
FTE "my father!" it said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_29
PT makasi kan inia
NR makasi kan inia
GE like.this/towards QUOT 3.U
FTE To there.

rf 2014_Moo_02_30
PT tsuʔuɾei/tsʉʔʉɾei kan inia manuin tinakuviɾi
NR cʉ'ʉr-ei kan inia manu-in t<in>akuviri
GE see-UV2 QUOT 3.U child-POSS:3 collapse<RSLTV>
FTE She saw her child passing out

rf 2014_Moo_02_31
PT tinakuviɾi kan tsatsa:n ha manuin neɾaka
NR t<in>akuviri kan cacaan sua manu-in niaraka
GE collapse<RSLTV> QUOT road RP child-POSS:3 RSLTV-become.bad
FTE The child passed out on the wayside.

rf 2014_Moo_02_32
PT ati makasua tsu
NR ati makasua cu
FTE It was like that.

rf 2014_Moo_02_33
PT mutsa:n tsu kan maka tsatsa:n
NR mucaan cu kan makasi cacaan
GE go (AV) COS QUOT go? road
FTE It went on the street.

rf 2014_Moo_02_34
PT ah tʃina atsu nimatʃei tsuma mi kan
NR ah cina acu ni-macei cuma misei kan
GE ah mother certain RSLTV-die father RPRT QUOT
FTE "Ah, mother, father surely died." it said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_35
PT makasua tsu mutsa:n kan ha manu tsʉmʉɾa tso:min
NR makasua cu mucaan kan sua manu cʉmʉra coomin/cuma-in
GE DM COS go (AV) QUOT RP child see father-POSS:3
FTE And then the child went to see his father.

rf 2014_Moo_02_36
PT ata kaɾa kan ha tso:min
NR aratakara kan sua coomin/cuma-in
GE stand.up QUOT RP father-POSS:3
FTE His father stood up.

rf 2014_Moo_02_37
PT ah manu
NR ah manu
GE ah child
FTE "Ah, child."

rf 2014_Moo_01_38
PT te: ku manan atsu ku neɾa:ka misei kan
NR tee ku makanan acu ku ni-araka misei kan
GE 1SG.A do.what certain 1SG.A RSLTV-become.bad RPRT QUOT
FTE "What should I do, I am dead." he said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_39
PT makasua tsu mutsa:n sua manu
NR makasua cu mucaan sua manu
GE DM COS go (AV) RP child
FTE And then the child went away.

rf 2014_Moo_02_40
PT mutʉa kan tsu vʉnei
NR mutʉ'a kan cu vʉnei
GE find QUOT COS snake
FTE It found a snake.

rf 2014_Moo_02_41
PT patisai kan inia vʉnei
NR patisai kan inia vʉnei
GE catch QUOT 3.U snake
FTE It caught the snake.

rf 2014_Moo_02_42
PT ah manu akuni patisai vʉnei apitaɾʉ misei kan
NR ah manu akuni patisai vʉnei apitarʉ misei kan
GE ah child PROH catch snake dangerous RPRT QUOT
FTE "Ah, child, don't catch the snake, it is dangerous." he said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_43
PT kaʔan kan tumatimana sua manuin
NR ka'an kan t<um>atimana sua manu-in
GE NEG QUOT hear<AV> RP child-POSS:3
FTE The child didn't listen.

rf 2014_Moo_02_44
PT mutsa:n kan manu (mati)tsʉmʉɾa vʉnei
NR mucaan kan manu c<ʉm>ʉra vʉnei
GE go (AV) QUOT child see<AV> snake
FTE The child went to see the snake.

rf 2014_Moo_02_45
PT nipatisaʔʉ kan kei tia pepatsaʔin kei kaʔan kan
NR ni-patisa'ʉ kan kei tia piapaca'in kei ka'an kan
GE RSLTV-catch QUOT 3.A kill 3.A NEG QUOT
FTE It caught the snake wanting to kill the snake but it didn't.

rf 2014_Moo_02_46
PT aɾei kan inia patakusʉ:ɾʉ sua vʉnei makai pataksʉ:ɾʉ na ɦʉʔʉɾin
NR ara-ei kan inia patakusʉʉrʉ sua vʉnei makai patakusʉʉrʉ na hʉ'ʉr-in
GE take-UV2 QUOT 3.U wrap.around RP snake like wrap.around LOC neck-POSS:3
FTE It took it and the snake wind around his neck.

rf 2014_Moo_02_47
PT taksʉɾʉ kan vʉnei na hʉʔʉɾin makai taksʉɾʉ
NR takasʉrʉ kan vʉnei na hʉ'ʉr-in makai takasʉrʉ
GE wind QUOT snake LOC neck-POSS:3 like wind
FTE The snake wound around it's neck.

rf 2014_Moo_02_48
PT mutsa:n kan avitʃi inia makahi tanaha
NR mucaan kan avici inia makasi tanasa
GE go (AV) QUOT carry 3.U like.this house
FTE It went away carrying it (the snake) and went home.

rf 2014_Moo_02_49
PT mana tia apatsʉʔʉɾʉ:n kei tsutsume:n manu
NR manasʉ tia apa-cʉ'ʉrʉ-ʉn kei cucumeen manu
GE maybe CAUS-see-UV1 3.A other.people child
FTE Maybe it wanted to show it to the other kids.

rf 2014_Moo_02_50
PT atsu vʉnei i:si misei
NR acu vʉnei iisi misei
GE certain snake PROX RPRT
FTE "This is certainly a snake." it said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_51
PT makasi kan tanasa
NR makasi kan tanasa
GE like.this QUOT house
FTE It went home.

rf 2014_Moo_02_52
PT u tinakuviɾi kan sua manu
NR t<in>akuviri kan sua manu
GE collapse<RSLTV QUOT RP child
FTE The child passed out.

rf 2014_Moo_02_53
PT maka:si kan tʃinein
NR makaasi kan cine-in
GE like.this/towards QUOT mother-POSS:3
FTE It's mother was like that/ It'S mother went there??

rf 2014_Moo_02_54
PT atian tʃi sua manu maku misa kan
NR atian cu sua manu maku misa kan
GE where? COS RP child POSS:1.SG RPRT QUOT
FTE "Where is my child?" she said.

rf 2014_Moo_02_55
PT mua maka:si tsʉmʉɾa manuin nimatʃei kan
NR mua makaasi cʉmʉra manu-in ni-macei kan
GE go-?/certain (TB)?? like.this see child-POSS:3 RSLTV-die QUOT
FTE She went seeing her child, her child was dead.

rf 2014_Moo_02_56
PT kaʔan kan tavaɾaʔʉ muɾuŋisa sua manuin
NR ka'an kan tavara'ʉ murungisa sua manu-in
GE NEG QUOT know breathe RP child
FTE Her child did not breathe.

rf 2014_Moo_02_57
PT sin atsu sinevʉʔʉɾʉ tsu mamia vʉnei ha na ɦʉʔʉɾin kaʔan tavaɾaʔʉ muɾuŋisa
NR sin acu s<in>evʉ'ʉrʉ cu maamia vʉnei sua na hʉ'ʉr-in ka'an tavara'ʉ murungisa
GE ? certain wrap<RSLTV> COS just snake RP LOC neck-POSS.3 NEG know breathe
FTE It was certainly just because the snake was wrapped around it's neck (that's why) it didn't breathe.

rf 2014_Moo_02_58
PT aɾanei tsu inia makasua sua vanei mama:ɾaŋ kanakanavu miena sua (kanakanavu)
NR aranei cu inia makasua sua vanei mamaarang kanakanavu miena sua (kanakanavu)
GE come.from COS 3.U DM RP reason elderly kanakanavu long.ago RP Kanakanavu
FTE Since then it was like that, this is the reason why the old Kanakanavu say:

rf 2014_Moo_02_59
PT a:n kita tavaɾaʔʉ tumaniuɾʉ vʉnei i:si apitaɾʉ
NR ka'an kita tavara'ʉ t<um>aniurʉ vʉnei iisi 'apitarʉ
GE NEG 1PI.A know bully<AV> snake PROX dangerous
FTE Don't mess with the snake, it is dangerous.

rf 2014_Moo_02_60
PT nu tumaniuɾʉ kia vʉnei ya mana tekita a:ka
NR nu t<um>aniurʉ kia vʉnei ia manasʉ tee kita aaka
GE if bully<AV> 1PE.A snake TOP maybe 1PI.A bad
FTE If we bully the snake maybe we will be dead.

rf 2014_Moo_02_61
PT mastan tsu sua ŋtsou ta:mu kisʉʉn
NR mastan cu sua ngcou taamu kisʉʉn
GE especially COS RP there Tamu.snake say
FTE Especailly the hundred-pace snake.

rf 2014_Moo_02_62
PT ne: tsʉʔʉɾei sua ta:mu ya una kan kanakanavu nimuɾuʔutsaŋ ta:mu misei
NR nee cʉ'ʉr-ei sua taamu ia una kan kanakanavu ni-muru'ucang taamu misei
GE ?what? see-IMP? RP Tamu.snake TOP EXIST QUOT Kanakanavu RSLTV-marry Tamu.snake RPRT
FTE "Look, as for the Tamu snake, there was a Kanakanavu who was married to one!" they say.

rf 2014_Moo_02_63
PT kaʔan kia tavaɾaʔʉ
NR ka'an kia tavara'ʉ
FTE But I don't know.

rf 2014_Moo_02_64
PT maɾakan ku tavaɾaʔʉ isa sua nimuɾuʔutsaŋ ta:mu misei
NR marakan ku tavaɾarʉ isua sua ni-muru'ucang taamu misei
GE not.sure 1SG.A know DIST RP RSLTV-marry Tamu.snake RPRT
FTE But I don't know about the one married to a Tamu snake they talk about.

rf 2014_Moo_02_65
PT sua makai ɾaʔʉvaku mitʃiko ya manasʉ tavaɾaʔʉ inia
NR sua makai ra'ʉv aku miciko ia manasʉ tavara'ʉ inia
GE RP like partner POSS:1.SG NAME TOP maybe know 3.U
FTE As for my wife Miciko, she maybe knows.

rf 2014_Moo_02_66
PT sua makasua sua ikita kanakanavu ya vanei kita a:n tumatin(a)ɾaʔʉ vʉnei i:si makasua
NR sua makasua sua ikita kanakanavu ia vanei kita ka'an t<um>atinra'ʉ vʉnei iisi makasua
GE RP DM RP 1PI.A Kanakanavu TOP reason 1PI.A NEG bully snake PROX DM
FTE That's why we can't bully snakes.

rf 2014_Moo_02_67
PT puʔisia kan misei
NR pu'iisua kan misei
GE talk.about.that QUOT RPRT
FTE That's what is told about.

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