Mo'o 2014 Narration 2

Table abbrevations:

PT= phonetic transcription

NR= normalized representation†

GE= gloss English

FTE= free translation English

FTC= free translation Chinese

This narration was recorded by Ilka Wild in collaboration with Elizabeth Zeitoun in March 2014 in Namasia village. The speaker is Mo'o Kangena. He produced this text during a fieldwork session.

For details regarding the revision/ reediting of the text please refer to†‚Language Documentation‘.

2014 Moo Narration 2

Moo Narration 2/2/2014

rf 2014_Moo_N02_01
PT te: ku putukeikiau soni
NR tee ku putukeikiau soni
GE 1SG.A work today
FTE I will work today.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_02
PT a:ka tsʉpʉŋa ku soni
NR aaka cʉpʉnga ku soni
GE bad mind 1SG.A today
FTE I am sad today.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_03
PT nen vanein
NR neen vanei-in
GE what reason-POSS.3
FTE Why?

rf 2014_Moo_N02_04
PT akya kinpaɾa maku
NR akia kinpara maku
GE none coin/pocket money POSS.1SG
FTE I don't have money.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_05
PT nen vanein
NR neen vanei-in
GE what reason-POSS.3
FTE Why?

rf 2014_Moo_N02_06
PT kan a:ka tsʉpʉŋa ku
NR kan aaka cʉpʉnga ku
GE QUOT?? bad mind 1SG.A
FTE I am still sad.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_07
PT nen vanein a:ka tsʉpʉŋ musu
NR neen vanei-in aaka cʉpʉnga musu
GE what reason-POSS.3 bad mind POSS.2SG
FTE What is your reason for being sad?

rf 2014_Moo_N02_08
PT a:ka tsʉpʉŋa ku si akya vantuku maku
NR aaka cʉpʉnga ku si akia vantuku maku
GE bad mind 1SG.A because none money POSS.1SG
FTE I'm sad because Idon't have money.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_09
PT tia siaɾa maku utsaŋ
NR tia siara maku ucang
GE come.and.collect 1SG.U spouse
FTE I will come and get my spouse.(?)

rf 2014_Moo_N02_10
PT te: tʃi manan makasua
NR tee ci makinanu makasua
GE COS do.what DM
FTE What will (we) do?

rf 2014_Moo_N02_11
PT tokyaʔei
NR tokia'e
GE don't.know
FTE I don't know.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_12
PT akya vantuku tsu(ma) maku
NR akia vantuku cu(ma) maku
GE none money father POSS.1SG
FTE My father has no money.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_13
PT tʃina maku ya natuɾu
NR cina maku ia naturu
GE mother POSS.1SG TOP fool/stupid
FTE As for my wife, she is stupid.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_14
PT natuɾu tsu(ma) maku
NR naturu cu(ma) maku
GE fool/stupid father POSS.1SG
FTE My father is stupid.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_15
PT akya kamʉtsʉ tsan vantuku
NR akia kamʉcʉ ucani vantuku
GE none hopefully one money
FTE He doesn't even have one dollar.

rf 2014_Moo_N02_16
PT vanai si napaʔitʃi
NR vanei si napa'ici
GE reason because drunkard
FTE The reason is, he is a drunkard.

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