Cultural Setting

1 Spirituality

The Kanakanavu had a polytheistic nature religion like many other indigenous peoples. They had gods and ghosts related to nature or natural phenomena. There were rituals like offerings, rituals for fertility and shamanism. The Kanakanavu used to be headhunters for a very long time (Lin 2007: 52, 54, 62).†

Christianization has brought great changes in people's beliefs. Today the Kanakanavu are almost exclusively Christians.

With the death of the last elders who can hold certain rituals, these rituals are no longer performed, such as the urupu ritual. They will be given up in favor of Christian rituals (Lin 2007: 62).

There are also influences from incoming plain residents – these have Chinese characteristics. They worship deities such as Matsu or Guanyin and have an ancestor worship system (Lin 2007: 62).

There have been four denominations in the area Sanmin / Namasia since the 1940 years, with fixed places of worship. The Christian faith is combined with ancient tribal rituals.

2 Folklore

Since 1992 the millet harvest festival that is dedicated to the millet God has been revived. This tradition was interrupted for about 30 years (Lin 2007:121). There is another important festival, the river worship ceremony (Lin 2007: 133).

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