The team would like to the Chiang-Ching-Kuo Foundation for the thefinancial support and the good cooperation during the grant period 2012-2015 which made the project possible.

The team also would like to express its gratitude to Elizabeth Zeitoun for introducing us to the Kanakanavu language community.

A language documentation and description project takes a lot of effort of the project workers, but without the support of the people in the field it will surely foil. Our special thanks goes to the Kanakanavu language informants we worked with: the Ka’angena family,謝藍鳳嬌/Uva and孔岳中/Pani. Without their support, their patience and kindness, even during long fieldwork sessions, the results presented here would not have been possible.SOSOMANPE!

Copyright: Ilka Wild 2013